Storage Closet Reorganization

Storage Closet Reorganization
GOAL: Clear the clutter and make this small space more usable.
TIME: 2 Hours  COST: Labor
This is a small storage closet under a stairwell.  
It is home to files and records, stationery and desk supplies, 
a vacuum cleaner, and an overflow of books.

The ceiling drops and a small corner tapers down.
At the entrance, small shelves are overloaded and cluttered.
Items are tacked to the wall.

A clear path
The book case is organized and free of clutter.
Both  small shelves were moved onto one wall.  
Stationery and desk supplies are on these shelves now.
Around the corner, the vacuum cleaner has a new home.
The small storage boxes contain individual tax year info 
and fit nicely under the slanted eave.

BEFORE       and       AFTER

1. Book shelves in storage closets can be multi-purpose. The small shelves are home to paper supplies.  The larger case holds self-help books. These kinds of books are highly personal and reveal a lot about you. Avoid putting these books in guest rooms and public spaces.
2. Clutter is so easy to create, so create a space for your clutter. 
3. Put things where they belong the first time.
4. The vacuum cleaner was such an easy thing to hide. Tucked around a corner out of sight, it's now out of the walk way.
5. Picture frames were everywhere.  For this homeowner a corner of a seldom used closet has now become an out-of-the-way space for old pictures.
6. Nothing was recycled.  Things found a new home in this space and a few things were put in other spots.
7. Nothing was bought for this organization.  Old tins and empty plastic bins and shoe boxes were used to organize a few things. A few mementos decorate the book case.
8. Don't create work where none is needed. The home owner had a great system in place for greeting cards. The plastic drawer sets on the book case are labeled for every occasion. The plastic boxes with tax records work great and fit nicely under the slanted ceiling.  I only recommend labeling the boxes on the ends, instead of the tops. It's easier to read at a glance. 
9. The only buy recommendation I have is a medium size bulletin board.  It's better to pin something into cork than your nicely painted walls.
10. The files will wait for another day.  But now there's room to set up a chair and tackle that later.

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