China Pantry Reorganization

GOAL: To clear the clutter and create a usable space
TIME: 2 Hours COST: 2 Hours Labor

Welcome to a china hutch in need of organization. 
Behind closed doors hides an extra hour of organizing.
The display shelves were overwhelmed with bits and pieces.
Some of it should not have been on display.
Some needed to be displayed differently and grouped according to style.

Items are grouped together in sets or complimentary styles. 

Before, on the left, clutter. After, on the right, a serene space.
Now there's room for a buffet on the counter top.

Organized drawers: candles, decorative stones, wine baubles, extra silverware and more.
Hidden behind closed doors, these things are grouped into sets.  The candles and candlesticks are on the far left. The remaining bridge set items are on the far right. In the middle, all the misc. things that were cluttering the display cabinets line two shelves.  Of all the small odds-and-ends, only the front top row in the center are those items which are regularly used.  Easy to reach, but not pretty enough for a display cabinet, these now have a home when not in use.

TWO QTY- 18 gallon Rubbermaid containers of excess stuff was removed from this area. Very little was recycled or donated.  Mostly it was put where it belonged in other parts of the house. Too many times stuff gets put down in the wrong spot. A little extra effort prevents a mountain of clutter.

Once again, this was a reorganization which required only elbow grease and nothing new needed to be bought. Remember, don't buy organizers until you know you need them. For this project, nothing more was used than cardboard boxes to bundle candles and reused plastic baskets to organize decorative stones. 

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