Small Bathroom Organization

Under the Sink Bathroom Organization

Cost:  $2 for 5 plastic baskets; 
$5.98 for shelf liner 
with extra left over for later use.
Time: 20 minutes

Organization in a small bathroom is necessary, especially when shared by two people.  The largest storage space is usually under the sink and there are several things to consider.  The plumbing has to be worked around, and at some point there will be a leak.  Plan accordingly. Because many sink units are housed in wood composite stands, line shelves with a shelf liner.  For this, a white liner was laid down first.  If there's a leak, it's less likely to soak through as easily.  

On top of the plain liner, we used a liner that would provide a non-slide grip surface.

Duck Taupe 14' x 12" Shelf Liner $5.98 at Lowe's

 Easy to install, cut to size.  Seeing the back section as an overflow area, save a little and don't line it.
The right side became HER side and the left became HIS side.
 Two sets of plastic (water proof) baskets were $2-- 2 large baskets were $1 and 3 medium baskets were $1.  Lining the back wall is extra shampoo, bought on sale.  In the foreground items are arranged by use.


Things to consider when organizing a small bathroom space.
1. Some things stay in the shower.
2. Some things are convenient when left in a medicine cabinet or on a counter top.  Use small organizers such as toothbrush holders and soap trays to keep these places neat.
3. Store things in appropriate places.
Soap and toilet paper shouldn't be put under sinks where leaks occur.  
For this home, there is a free shelf in the hall linen closet for extra supplies.  A basket next to the toilet holds rolls of toilet paper; overflow TP is in the linen closet. Sharing the linen closet shelf is extra toothpaste and tooth brushes, soap, deodorant, and more.
So why isn't the extra shampoo in the linen closet?  Too much stuff!  Buying in bulk, on sale, and with coupons can be great if you have the place to store it.  Remember the I Love Lucy episode where she buys a side of beef but doesn't have anywhere to freeze it?  
4. Consider using spaces differently.  
**Some men now shave in the shower, finding it faster and convenient with no-fog mirrors and hanging shower caddies.
**In a shared bathroom, applying makeup may not be easy when elbowing for space in a humid room.  A make-up table is the best place for the teenage sister who shares this bathroom with her little brother.
5. Use organizational tools that work in the space.  For this space, water-proof was the watch word. 
What about shelves? Putting shelves inside this small space isn't advisable because of the plumbing in place.  There are removable shelves with stair-step levels that work great in cabinets.  Check thrift stores for these first.  While a great idea, the wire shelf versions sometimes let things fall through the cracks.  Solve this by placing cut-to-size cardboard (old cereal boxes) on the shelves.  Having tried these, I find heavy, short things like soup cans work nicely but tall, light weight items often tip over.
The flat shelves with grip lining work best in tight spaces.
The gaps cause storage problems for some.

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